We’re Just Beginning..

As many of you are reading this, I’m sure you can tell that this may be my very first blog, ever. Well, you’re absolutely right. I’ve been sitting here debating what to tell you all and what this page may represent for me, but that’s just it. Instead of thinking selfishly, I must say this page is for me but it’s also for you. I’ve created this page to show my audience my talents and passions, but to also teach people something about themselves.

This is a new experience for me, hopefully a fun adventure. I am here to show you all my love for makeup and skin care, also maybe some other topics that are related. I want to teach everyone how to build their inner confidence and believe in themselves, I honestly think that I can achieve this.

We all have fought battles that have been detrimental to our lives, each person has dealt with something just as hard. I’ve learned to deal with my hardships by falling in love with skin care/makeup, it may sound silly but finding something you’re passionate about is so healthy for your soul. Being able to pursue your passion as a career is very fortunate and has taught me so much. Becoming a Makeup Artist has challenged me but, has showed me that everyone is beautiful from the inside out. As human beings we need to love ourselves and everyone around us, understanding one another.

I hope that this blog impacts you. I’ll just be taking this in day by day….